Вт. Июн 6th, 2023

German supermodel, actress and TV presenter Heidi Klum posed in a bikini and showed her face without makeup. The corresponding picture appeared on her Instagram page.

So, the 49-year-old celebrity shared with subscribers a photo in which she poses against the backdrop of the sea in a separate pink swimsuit from the luxury brand Dolce & Gabanna with leopard print. In addition, the frame shows that the fashion model decided to abandon cosmetics and let her hair down.

It is known that the catwalk star turned off the ability to comment on the publication, as well as to see the number of likes from netizens.

In June, the 18-year-old daughter of supermodel Heidi Klum Leni posted on her social networks in a beach look and delighted fans. The fashion model posted a series of shots posing in a $175 pink Frankies Bikinis floral print bikini. “Mom and daughter are gorgeous girls,” fans wrote in the comments.

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