Пн. Окт 3rd, 2022

Netflix has confirmed filming for the third season of The Bridgertons has begun. Collider reports.

The streaming service has released a video showing the stars of the series showing three fingers, hinting that the filming of the new season has started. The video features actors Jonathan Bailey, Ajoah Andoha, Luke Thompson, Claudia Jessie, Golda Rochevel and other artists who will return to their roles. Daniel Francis, Sam Phillips and James Fung are also reported to have joined the cast.

The premiere date is still unknown. The new season will mainly focus on the personal life of the writer Penelope Featherington, also known under the creative pseudonym Lady Whistledown. She is played by Irish actress Nicola Coughlan in the series. It is expected that in the new series Penelope will seriously think about the wedding.

Filming of the second part of «Dune» has already started.

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