Ср. Мар 29th, 2023

The editors of The Symbol magazine named the most fashionable dress for the summer of 2022. The relevant material appeared on the website of the publication.

This is a «crystal» dress, which is made of translucent mesh or tulle and is decorated with many sparkling crystals. According to experts, the outfit was presented in the cruise collection of the luxury brand Saint Laurent, created under the guidance of Italian fashion designer Anthony Vaccarello. In turn, he added feathers to the models mentioned.

According to experts, «crystal» dresses may not be completely transparent. Rhinestones can easily be located on a denser fabric, journalists say. But at the same time, they explained that in this case, the effect of «overflows» should be preserved. In a similar trendy dress, supermodel Gigi Hadid attended the party of the fashion brand Self-Portrait.

In conclusion, the authors of the material advised choosing flesh-colored models. So, the dress will not be completely transparent, but because of the shade it will look spectacular on the body of its owner.

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