Ср. Мар 29th, 2023

The blogger tried on a vintage dress from the Dior fashion house, which previously belonged to her grandmother, and became famous online. Relevant publications appeared in her TikTok account.

Netizen Adeline Vining said that while cleaning the attic she found a black Christian Dior dress that her deceased relative wore in her youth. A close-up user showed patterns on things. “The dress is in perfect condition,” she said.

In addition, the heroine of the material turned to the historian Henry Wilkinson to find out the exact date the clothes were created. “He gave me more information in 24 hours than I could get in 25 years,” she said. According to this expert, this model is called «Autumn» and belongs to the autumn-winter collection of Dior 1949-1950.

Among other things, the man arranged for Vining to meet with auctioneer Kerry Taylor from London, who estimated the current value of the dress. The specialist said that the price of a 72-year-old wardrobe item is from 36,700 to 42,800 dollars (from 1.9 to 2.2 million rubles).

In the following posts, the blogger also tried on clothes. As you can see from the pictures, the product is a perfect fit. “I was surprised how many people were interested in this story. But it was an honor for me to remember my grandmother and share this, ”she said in one of the publications.

Vining’s posts went viral on TikTok and attracted thousands of followers. As of June 21, one of the clips has received over 7.6 million views. “This dress is amazing”, “It looks so beautiful on you”, “Vintage Dior costs a fortune,” subscribers commented.

In May, the blogger tried on a 70-year-old dress that belonged to her grandmother and delighted subscribers. In the video, American Maddy Bill, known as @maddy_bill on TikTok, opens her grandmother’s suitcase for the first time with the clothes she wore in 1952. In the following shots, the girl poses in a long black dress with a collar, buttons and a V-neck. She then shows a black-and-white photo of a relative wearing the item, taken on her honeymoon while dining in New York.

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